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Johnson Co. Primary Election 2018 Filings

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Johnson Co. Primary Election 2018 Filings

Johnson Co. Primary Election 2018 Filings

Tuesday, Jan 30 at 4 PM signaled the final call for citizens to file their papers to run in the May 2018 Primary. Here is a list of offices and the people who filed.

* Circuit Clerk: Penny Adams ®
* PVA: James David Castle ®, Michael “Dip” Stafford (D)

* County Judge Executive: Roger T. “Tucker” Daniel ®, George Burton Spriggs ®, Lyndon Butcher ®, Mark McKenzie (D)

* County Attorney: Michael Endicott ®
* Country Clerk: Sallee Conley-Holbrook ®
* Sheriff: Doug Saylor ®, Brian Keith Bush ®, Dwayne Price (D), Cecil E. Cyrus II (D)

* Jailer: Russell Honeycutt ®, Toy L. Blair ®, Steve Rose ®, Marissa McCarty ®, Robert Owens ®, Jeffrey Randall Hicks (D)

* County Commissioners:

(Dist 1) Kathy Adams ®, Vessie Lee Workman ®, Bob Gound ®, Thomas Neal Rice ®, Calvin Music (D)

(Dist 2) Paul “Barber” Daniel ®, William R. “Robbie” Fraley II ®, Mike “Mikey” Jarrell ®, Richard A. Roar Jr (D), Danny K. Blevins files statement of Candidacy as Independent

(Dist 3) Kenny Cantrell ®, Darren Gamble ®, Tim “Barber Tim” Salyer ®, Stephen Ray Grimm ®, Delbert Conley (D), Jimmy R. Castle (D)

* Coroner: J.R. Frisby (D)
* County Surveyor: Clarence Scarberry ®
* Magistrate: (Dist 1) Herbert E. Castle ®

* Constable:

(Dist 1) James “Redeye” Castle ®
(Dist 2) Jason Golden ®, James Ryan Caudill ®, Bryan Castle (D), Bruce Ritz (D)
(Dist 3) David Pridemore ®, Raymond Pennington ®, John Fulton ®, Toby McKenzie (D)

* Mayor: Bill Mike “Coach” Runyon
* City Council: Patricia Eileen Nelson, Christopher Pierce

* (The date for Citizens within the City limits that wants to run for Mayor or City Commissioners have until August 14 @ 4 PM to file their papers).

* State Representative 97th District: Russell Halsey ®, Bobby W. McCool ®, Craig Lindon (D), Issac Allen (D)

* State Senator 30th District: (Bell, Leslie, Perry, Breathitt, Magoffin, Johnson) – Brandon Smith ®, Paula Clemons-Combs (D)

* Commonwealth Attorney 24th District: (Lawrence, Johnson, Martin) – F. Anthony “Tony Skeans

* District Judge 24th Judicial District: 1st Division (Johnson, Lawrence, Martin) – John T. Chafin

* District Judge 24th Judicial District: 2nd Division (Johnson, Lawrence, Martin) – Howe E. Baker, David Brett Butcher


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