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Judge Hears Arguments in Cordia School Case

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Judge Hears Arguments in Cordia School Case

A judge heard arguments Tuesday on whether to keep the Cordia School in Knott Co. Attorneys for Lotts Creek Community School (LCCS) filed a complaint/petition last week with the court to keep Cordia Schools from being moved later this week. This all comes on the heels of a letter sent to the Knott Co School Board by the Kentucky Department of Education and Commissioner Stephen Pruitt ordering that students at Cordia School be moved to different facilities. In the complaint attorneys requested a judge issue “a restraining order and/or preliminary injunction preventing the closure of Cordia School and the reassignment of the attendance boundaries of the Cordia School”. According to WYMT reports, several Cordia School students, parents and faculty members were bused to Frankfort for Tuesday’s hearing.

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