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Former Jailer Pleads Guilty in Inmate Assault Case

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Former Jailer Pleads Guilty in Inmate Assault Case

A former deputy jailer at the Kentucky River Regional Jail pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting an inmate. According to a Lexington Herald-Leader report, Jarrod Allen Lucas pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of assaulting an inmate in Federal Court. Prosecutors say the assault happened in October 2011 and that Lucas acknowledged that he kicked an inmate and was also present when another guard, Damon Hickman, punched the inmate in the head. Lucas faces up to one year in jail and is scheduled to be sentenced in May. Hickman pleaded guilty in a separate case where he beat an inmate in 2013. That inmate later died from those injuries. Hickman is serving more than 10 years in prison. Three others have been convicted of inmate assaults at the jail. Kentucky River Regional Jail is located in Perry Co.

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