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Several Conn’s Former Clients Could Lose Benefits

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Several Conn’s Former Clients Could Lose Benefits

Several more of Eric C. Conn’s former clients could lose their disability. Prestonsburg Attorney Ned Pillersdorf has confirmed that he has been informed that about 2,000 more of Conn’s former clients will be forced to go through redetermination hearings to learn if they will keep or lose their disability benefits. Back in 2015, over 1,500 other clients received letters stating they could be losing their disability benefits and about 800 of those people did lose their benefits. Two people also reportedly took their lives after receiving those letters. This time around, those individuals who receives a letter will continue to receive their benefits during the re-determination process and will have 30 days to obtain medical evidence to prove that they were disabled at the time they began receiving benefits. They will also be allowed to file new disability claims at the same time that their previous claims are being reviewed.

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