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Woman Rescued from Flood Waters

Paintsville, KY, USA / WSIP FM 98.9 | New Country
Woman Rescued from Flood Waters

Two local law enforcement officers need to be recognized for their heroic efforts in a rescue that happened Saturday in Johnson Co. According to reports, Paintsville Police Sgt. Billy Ramey was leaving his home on McKenzie Branch Saturday for his shift at the Police Dept. around 11:30 AM, when he was flagged down by some people telling him there was a vehicle that had crash into a flooded creek nearby on Rt 172. As Sgt. Ramey approached the scene, he was joined by Johnson Co. Sheriff Deputy Jessie Mullins. The vehicle was in the fast flowing waters, and had flipped onto its wheels and was sitting in the creek. At that time it was determined that a female was trapped inside the vehicle and due to the rising water, Sgt. Ramey and Deputy Mullins made the decision to jump into the water in an attempt to rescue the woman before anything worse could possibly happen. The local Fire Dept had been toned out, but had not arrived on scene. As the officers jumped in, they were joined by other bystanders at the scene. Using hammers, pliers and other tools, they were successful in getting the woman to safety. She was taken to a local Hospital for observation, but overall in good condition. If it wasn’t for the Heroic efforts of Sgt. Billy Ramey and Deputy Mullins, as well as the help of the bystanders, this event could had definitely turned out to be a much more serious incident. In a time when Johnson Co. has had much sorrow with recent events, a little good news is much needed. So on behalf of the residents of Paintsville and Johnson Co. Thank You to these two officers on a job well done on your heroic efforts.


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