Local News 3-22-2013

Minutes from the Paintsville City Council Meeting 03-21-13

The Paintsville City Council met in a special called meeting on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at the Paintsville City Hall.  The meeting got underway with the approval of the minutes from the special called meeting of February 12, 2013. City Council members also approved the monthly department reports from the Police, F.D. Amblance, 911, Emergency management, utilities and the treasurer and they also approved to pay the monthly bills.

First item on the agenda to discuss was the 1st reading of the Ordinance updating pay/classification plan. This is an annual agreement covering all job's under the city that sets the minimun and maximum rate for a particular job. This item was approved. Next the council gave final approval for the deed transfer from the city concerning the Paintsville Park and Playground, to Paintsville City Schools. Next Mayor Porter nominated Mike Schmidt to take over for Dennis Dorton to be placed on the Paintsville Utility Commission. Council approved this nomination. Final item discussed on the night was the apporval from the council to name a street just off Hidden Valley Rd. as Autumn Ridge Rd. This would allow residents on that street to get a 911 address. With no further items to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Paintsville City Police Searching For Wanted Individual

The Paintsville Police Dept are needing the public's help in locating a wanted individual. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of John Robert E. Daniels is asked to notify law enforcement at 606-789-2200 or dial 911. Mr. Daniels is wanted on several outstanding warrants.

Magoffin Co. Man Still Missing After 3 Weeks

It's been just over 3 weeks into the search for a missing Magoffin man and law enforcement officials continue to have little to go on. Freddy Brown, also known as Freddy Howard, 29, of Johnson Fork, Salyersville, has not been seen since Wednesday, February 27. Brown is 6 foot 2 inches tall, 180 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a green hooded jacket.
According to Magoffin County Sheriff Carson Montgomery, he said his office is still following all leads and investigating, but the investigation has been turned over to the Kentucky State Police and Detective Jason Dials continues working the case. Family members of Brown beg the public for any information they can supply authorities and anyone to please come forward. Officials ask anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Brown, to call Kentucky State Police Post 9 at 606-433-7711 or the Sheriff's Office at 606-349-2914. 

Police Make 2 Seperate Drug Busts in Knott Co.

Eight Knott Co. people have been arrested on drug-related charges after two law enforcement conduct meth busts on separate days in the county. Knott County Sheriff Deputies made both drug busts while checking a residence on a completely different reason than a drug search. It all started over the weekend with a warrant issued for Hubert Hall. While deputies where searching for Hall at a home in the Pippa Passes area of Knott Co, police stumbled upon an active meth lab, which led to the arrest of 5 individuals. Arrested were Hall along with Dillon Jent, Robin Slone, Amber Hall, and Robin Fugate. After attending to this case, authorities went on another, unrelated case involving a stolen truck and appliances. While searching for the theft suspects at a home in the Pinetop community, police stumbled upon another active meth lab but did not find the two original suspects inside, but did arrest three others on meth charges, Alma Frazier, Susan Johnson, and Roger Jacobs. Police are still searching for the two theft suspects and two others from Pippa Passes. Seven of the people arrested have already been indicted and the Grand Jury is scheduled to hear Roger Jacob's case next Tuesday.

Two Ashland Men Convicted In Stolen Motorcycle Ring

A federal jury in London, Ky., found two Ashland, Ky., men guilty for their roles in a motorcycle theft ring. Richard Meade, 65, and Mark Justice, 53, were convicted of a conspiracy to engage in money laundering by illegally transferring the ownership of stolen motorcycles and one count each of possession of motorcycles with altered vehicle identification (VIN) numbers. Justice was also convicted of one count of illegally transferring ownership titles of stolen motorcycles while Meade was convicted on one count and acquitted on another count of the same charge. A third defendant, George Ferguson, 64, on trial for the conspiracy charge, was acquitted. The jury reached the verdict Tuesday night after approximately 3 hours of deliberation following more than three weeks of trial. According to trial testimony, the two defendants sold approximately 30 motorcycles out of car lots in Ashland. They sold the motorcycles for between $13,000 and $15,000 apiece.

Justice and Meade participated in a conspiracy in which co-defendant Robert Jason Chapman of Cincinnati coordinated trips with others to motorcycle rallies in South Carolina, South Dakota and Florida. At these events, Chapman and others stole motorcycles and brought them to Kentucky to sell. Chapman previously admitted that he and a co-defendant removed parts of the stolen motorcycles and replaced them with aftermarket parts bearing different vehicle identification numbers (VIN). He registered the stolen motorcycles with the new VIN numbers in Kentucky. Meade and Justice took some of the newly registered motorcycles and sold them. Six other defendants previously pleaded guilty to their roles in the case. The FBI and Kentucky State Police identified nearly 200 victims in this case,which include the original motorcycle owners and insurance companies. The defendants are scheduled for sentencing on July 24, 2013. They face up to 20 years in prison on the illegal transfer of ownership titles charge and the conspiracy charge. Possessing motorcycles with altered VIN numbers carries a maximum 10 year penalty.

Paintsville Police Dept. and Operation UNITE Install Drug Drop Off Station

The Paintsville Police Dept. along with Operation UNITE (Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment and Education) are offering a way for people to dispose of old prescription medication without adverse consequences. There is now a medication drop box on permanent duty at the Paintsville Police Department. Paintsville Police Chief Stece Sluss said, "this is a good option for disposing of unused and unwanted medications." According to Dan Smoot, Vice President of Operation UNITE,  “In counties and cities where they get the word out about thes boxes, they’ve been very successful,”  Smoot said the goal is to have a drop box located in all 32 counties covered by Operation UNITE. The drop box can be used for over-the-counter medication as well as prescription drugs. These drop boxes are part of a continuing partnership between the Paintsville Police Department, the Kentucky State Police and Operation UNITE.

What exactly is a drug "drop box"? Chief Sluss said  “We want to keep those medicines from falling into the wrong hands. If you’ve got unused medications around, the wrong person could get it — a child could accidentally swallow it and overdose. We just don’t want that. This is the best way to dispose of medications. It will be disposed of properly instead of being flushed down the toilet or just thrown in the trash where it could possibly get into the water supply. This will be the safest and best way for everyone.”  There are certain items that cannot be dropped into the box, such as bio-hazardous materials, needles, inhalers and aerosol containers cannot be disposed of in the drop box. Chief Sluss the box will be located just inside the entrance in the lobby of the police department. All you have to do is ring the doorbell and let dispatch know what you are there to do and they will let you in. “People can just come in and drop anything they need, no questions asked. We won’t be checking to see if it was illegal or anything like that. We just want it disposed of.” said Chief Sluss. The Johnson Co. Sheriff's Dept also has a drug drop off station set up at there office in downtown Paintsville.