Local News 6-12-2013

Minutes from the Johnson County Fiscal Court Meeting 6-10-2013

The Johnson Co. Fiscal Ct. met in regular session Monday, June 10 @ 4:30 pm in the meeting room of the Johnson Co. Courthouse in downtown Paintsville. The meeting began in normal fashion with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting on May 13, 2013 meeting and the special called meeting from May 22, 2013, the court also approved to pay the monthly bills and the monthly transfer's. First itme on the agenda was to open bids on the Sheriff's vehicles for sale. Red Barn Auto Sales was the highest bidder on each of the vehicles for sale, so the vehicles where awarded to them. Next the court approved to open up the bids for 2014 Mack truck's. Worldwide Equipment was the lowest price for two trucks, totaling $253,856. Next the Judge approved a second reading for the amendment Fiscal Ct. as well as the second reading of the 2014 Fiscal Ct Budget for FY 2014. Next the commissioners approved for Judge Daniel to continue negotiations with Health Insurance company for employee health coverage for the coming year. Next the court approved Terry Preston as the replacement for retiring housing authority board member Martin Childers and the final item on the night, Judge Daniel told the court that Sam Auxier, the road foreman, had thought of some ideas that would save the county thousands of dollars in blacktopping and road repairs. These ideas, as well as the commissioners good managment of taxpayer money, would greatly reduce the amount of dollars the county would have to use for summer projects and saving money is alwyas top priority. No further items was discussed on the night and the meeting adjourned.

PPD Investigating Recent Thefts in the City

According to a news rlease from the Paintsville Police Dept. the agency is currently investigating incidents where unknown person(s) entered unlocked vehicles and stole items. Two incidents occurred early this morning in the residential area off Depot Road where a firearm was stolen. Third incident occurred this evening at Speedway where a ladies wallet was stolen. Anyone with information concerning these incidents is urged to contact the agency. These incidents remain under investigation by Officer Nathan Caudill and Capt. Bill Holbrook.

NWS: Straight-Line Wind Caused Magoffin County Damage

Officials with the National Weather Service where in Magoffin County Tuesday surveying the damage left Sunday afternoon's storm. It was determined by the NWS officials there was no tornado to touch down in Magoffin Co., but was straight-line winds. They say the wind speeds reached upward of 70 mph, the strength of a EF-0 twister. The highest winds were reported in the Minefork area of Magoffin Co. and knocked out most of the town's power as it moved through. Magoffin County judge executive Charles "Doc" Hardin said his office received numerous reports of property damage and downed trees, but thankfully no one was injuried. County officials estimated the storm did $30,000 to $40,000 in damage.
Thieves Steal Several Items from a Pike Co. Church;

Police in Pike Co are investigating a recent burglary of the Truth Tabernacle Apostolic Church, after the Pastor says someone stole thousands of dollars worth of items. Pastor Roger Egnor says the thieves came in the back door and ransacked the entire church stealing about $10,000 worth of items, including nearly the whole sound system. The Pastor and Patrons at the Church is hoping someone seen something they can pass along to Police. The Church is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. Pastor Egnor says while he is able to forgive the thieves, he just wants to find what belongs to the church. If you have any information about this theft you should contact Kentucky State Police. All tips can remain anonymous.
Gov. Beshear Ready to set Special Session Date

Gov. Steve Beshear and legislative leaders met on Monday to once again discuss new legislative district boundaries.  Each decade, lawmakers are required to draw new legislative district boundaries to account for population changes recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau. Kentucky had major population shifts between 2000 and 2010, requiring changes in boundary lines to comply with the federal and state "one person, one vote" mandate.  A special session date is expected within the next week to resolve the lingering issue of redistricting. Gov. Beshear described the meeting as, "a very productive meeting". Republican Senate President Robert Stivers and Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo where present for the meeting with Gov. Beshear.  There has already been two federal lawsuits filed in recent weeks to speed up the redistricting process in Kentucky.

Appalachian Wireless Pleased to Announce 4G Coverage Available

During a news conference on Monday, Appalachian Wireless officials announced a service upgrade for its customers, 4G LTE service. Officials say this new service will speed up data usage on cell phones and tablets that are 4G capable. Heavily populated areas can expect to have the coverage first and officials said they will expand te sevice from that point forward.  Appalachian Wireless CEO, Gerald Robinette states, "I am thrilled to death for what we can do with LTE, and I'm more than thrilled for what the customer will be able to do with LTE."  They hope to have the next phase of coverage done by August.