August 14, 2012

Autopsy Complete On Body Found In Freezer

Police have yet to release any results of an autopsy, performed Sunday on a female corpse that was found dead in a freezer in Pike Co. Officials will not confirm or deny if the body is that of a missing Pike Co. woman, State Police have been looking for for weeks in the Belfry area. Sherry Dillon disappeared last month and on Friday, Police found a a freezer with a body inside, buried in Sherry's front yard. Her husband Bruce Dillon, however was arrested and charged with her murder soon after that discovery and is also charged with abuse of a corpse. We will continue to follow this story and have further information when it becomes available. This case remains under investigation by KSP Detective Jimmy Anderson.

Tornado Damaged Hosptial Celebrates Grand Reopening

A tornado ravaged hospital in Morgan County celebrated its grand reopening with a ribbon cutting Monday morning. Some $4 million in repairs had to be made to the ARH Hospital in West Liberty following the March 2 tornado. The hospital and the clinic sustained the brunt of the damage when the second floor windows of the hospital were blown out, the roof was damaged, exterior doors were torn off their hinges, and cars were demolished in the parking lot when the tornado struck. The hospital emergency room never closed and operated for a period of time on emergency power and heat through generators. In addition to the damages suffered at the hospital and the clinic, major damage occurred at the ARH home health agency, home medical equipment store and payment posting center.

Second annual Coal Miners Appreciation Week This Week

Coal miners across Kentucky are receiving an official state thank you this week as the Commonwealth celebrates its second annual Coal Miners Appreciation Week. The event is held during the third week each August. It was established by the 2011 Kentucky General Assembly with the passage of House Bill 269, sponsored by State Rep. Rick Nelson of Bell County. Nelson, an educator who is the son of a coal miner, said the annual event encourages coal mining businesses and all Kentuckians to thank coal miners for producing enough fuel to power more than half of the electricity used in the U.S. Over 90 percent of the electricity produced in Kentucky is generated by coal, according to the Institute for Energy Research, which credits coal-fired electricity for keeping Kentucky’s electricity affordable at around 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour. Recent data from the federal Energy Information Administration shows that Kentucky has the third lowest average retail electricity costs in the nation. Coal is also a major employer in Kentucky, employing 23,340 people directly and indirectly providing three additional jobs for every miner employed in an average year, based on state data from 2009. The average weekly wage for coal miners in Kentucky was $1,214 in 2009, according to the data. Coal Miners Appreciation Week started Sunday, August 12.

More KY Children at Risk for Lead Poisoning

More Kentucky children may be at risk of lead poisoning. That's because it turns out it takes half as much lead poisoning to cause problems for children than previously thought. Tom Joseph reports.

Deadline for Non-Partisan Candidates Approaching Quick

Tuesday, August 14, 2012, is the deadline for independent, political organization, and political group candidates running for most offices, with the exception of President and Vice President and certain unexpired terms, to file their petitions of nomination and pay the filing fee. The paperwork must be received by the filing official by 4 p.m. local time. Also non-partisan elections for Board of Education and city government positions will be on the ballot. As of Wednesday afternoon, candidates for the Johnson Co. Board of Education seats were:

    District 2 -- Paul Kestner
    District 3 -- Bob Hutchinson
    District 5 -- Melvin Vanhoose

At newscast candidates for the Paintsville.Board of Education seats were:

    Eddie Cornett
    Eddie R. Hazelett

In the Paintsville City Council election, William Gene Castle has registered to run for the six member council.