August 16, 2012

Minutes from the Paintsville City Council Meeting on 06-12-12

The Paintsville City Council met in their regular scheduled meeting for the month of August on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at the Paintsville Recreation Center. The meeting got underway in normal fashion with the approval of the minutes from the regular meeting of July 10, special called joint meeting with Paintsville Utilities on July 12 and special called meetings from July 12, July 19 and July 25  The council also approved the monthly department reports from the Police, F.D. Amblance, 911, Emergency management, utilities and the treasurer and they also approved to pay the monthly bills.

Here's a rundown of items approved during Tuesday's meeting: Council approved to set the motor vehicle and watercraft property tax for 2013 at the same rate as this year.  Council also approved and read resolutions. The first was authorizing the Paintsville Utility Commission to sign and submit a funding application for downtown collection systems improvements projects. Second resolution was authorizing the city council to enter into an interlocal coperative agreement with Prestonsburg to build a boat ramp, now that the money is available get the project finished. The third resolution gave Mayor Porter authorization to sign all necessary papers as applicant agent for the Hazard Mitigation Project. Also approved was a resolution for the funding of Main Street Actor’s and the Sipp Theater. Councilman Mark McKenzie requested that a statement of operations, showing all money spent for the facilty and where it went. With no further items to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Murder Case will be Heard by a Grand Jury

The case of a Magoffin County man charged with murder will be heard by a grand jury. Investigators say Jonathan Watkins shot and killed his stepfather, Magoffin County Deputy Jailer Albert Bloomfield earlier this month. Watkins pleaded not guilty last week. Police have not released a motive.

Local Police in 2 Counties Needs Public Help in Robbery Cases

Police in 2 seperate counties are asking for the publics help in their search to arrest the individual or individuals involved in robberies at local business.

* A Pikeville liquor store was robbed at gunpoint Friday night, at the Skyline Liquor Store. Employees of the store say the two men walked up to the front door, which was already locked, but one robber went to the drive through window, then leaned through with a gun in one hand and a Walmart bag in the other and demanded all the cash from the register. The clerk did as instructed and gave an undetermined amount of cash to the suspect. Officials say that was the best thing to do in that situation. Officials say the pair was dressed in camouflage and black ski masks, but they do not know how much money they got away with. Anyone with information about the robbery should call the Pikeville Police Department.

* The 2nd robbery occurred in Floyd Co. at the Glyn View Plaza Rite Aid early Sunday morning. Law enforecement are reviewing surveillance video from a neighboring business that shows two men carrying out items from the pharmacy. Reports say the men broke in through the roof and cut the power supply to the building in order to turn off the alarm system. The men also got away with more than just cash, but also  the safe in the pharmacy that holds scheduled narcotics. No arrests have been made and Prestonsburg Police ask that anyone has any information about this incident, to please contact the Prestonsburg Police Dept.

Woman Hospitalized after Six-Car Wreck in Perry County Wednesday

Reports out of Perry Co. Wednesday says a 6 vehicle accident causes a big mess for travelers and residents in the Vicco area ofthe county. Officials say that one woman is in the hospital and said that the woman was traveling on Highway-15 South, when the car, she was driving, skidded off the roadway while making a turn. Her car collided with two others parked cars at a nearby gas station, causing one of them to roll into oncoming traffic. Officials add that the woman's car hit several vehicles in the parking lot area and knocked one vehicle across the road, doing a large amount of damage and knocking a power pole down. No other information has been released at this time. Perry County Sheriff Deputy Shawn White is investigating this incident.

David School Lawsuit Dismissed

A lawsuit against the David School was dismissed during a hearing in Floyd County. In that decision, two former school administrators Daniel Greene and Sister Emma Kriz are barred from having any affiliation with the school. It also orders the appointment of a continuing board of directors.

Coventry Care Ending Contract with Kings Daughters Medical Center

After months of negotiations, a health care provider is ceasing operations with a local hospital. Tom Dearing with KDMC says Coventry's contract will run out on October 31 of this year. Coventry and KDMC could not reach an agreement, however, KDMC still has an agreement with Wellcare and are urging patients to switch providers.