Local News 10-15-2014

Fort Gay, W.Va Woman Arrested in Lawrence Co. on Several Charges

A Fort Gay, W.Va woman was arrested over the weekend by the Lawrence Co. Sheriff’s Dept. on several charges, including bail jumping. According to Chief Deputy Mark Wheeler, Tara Lycans age 30, was arrested Saturday at around 4:49 PM on the following charges. She was arrested on 2 indictments, (1) for Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree, Meth and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and (2) Bail Jumping. Chief Deputy Wheeler also served Lycans with 2 bench warrants. (1) for failure to appear on Shoplifting charges and (2) drug charges. Lycans was taken to the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center and as of news time, she remains lodged. No other details have been made available.

Carter County Sheriff’s Dept. Make Two Meth Lab Busts in Three Days

The Carter County Sheriff's Department has made two meth lab busts in three days leading to four arrests in that county. The first bust occurred on Saturday as deputies busted a meth lab in the Olive hill area of Carter Co. Those arrested were William Adkins faces several charges including possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) first degree, and possessing drug paraphernalia. Cody Slone faces drug charges relating to manufacturing methamphetamine first degree, possessing drug paraphernalia, and not having prescription drugs in the proper container. A third person, Traci Moore was also wanted on a theft warrant. The 2nd bust happened on Monday, deputies say they arrested Brian Elliott in the Grayson community. He now faces drug charges for manufacturing methamphetamine first degree. All four people are now in custody at the Carter County Detention Center.                      

Floyd Co. Sheriff Warns Citizens about Telephone Scam

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt says his department has been receiving calls and reports of financial scams conducted via telephone and warns the public to be weary of such calls. According to Sheriff Hunt, the caller will call the victim and will ask for them by name, then identifies themselves as an employee of the local or state court system. The caller will then identify an outstanding fine or debt for a specific amount of dollars that is to be paid to the court. The victim is then told if the amount is not paid immediately, a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Sheriff Hunt says you should not give the caller any information and immediately hang up and call the police.

Magoffin County Officials on Board for New Veteran's Facility

According to recent reports, Magoffin Co. officials are showing their support for a new veteran’s facility in Eastern Ky., a matter a fact County Judge “Doc” Hardin says as construction begins on the Mountain Parkway expansion project, folks would have easier access to a facility in Salyersville. It’s been no secret for years that there has been a push in eastern Kentucky to bring a veteran's facility to the area. As it stands, currently vets have three Veterans Affairs hospitals in the region. One is in Lexington, another is in Huntington, West Virginia and a third in Johnson City, Tennessee. Most people see that as considerable distances to travel for our veterans here in Eastern Kentucky.

Magoffin Officials think they have a perfect location to house a center that would serve eastern Kentucky veterans with their health care needs and "Doc" Hardin approved a resolution at a recent Fiscal Court meeting, vowing support for the project. It’s estimated such a facility would bring more than 100 jobs to the region. "It is a great location. We are halfway between both of the two current veterans hospitals, one in Huntington and one in Lexington. Quite frankly, it is the right thing to do," said Hardin.

Report: A Third of KY Kids Face Risk of Chemical Catastrophe

It's supposed to be a safe place to learn, but a new report finds that two out of every five Kentucky children attend schools inside what chemical companies call a "vulnerability zone." Sean Moulton, director of Open Government Policy program with the Center for Effective Government, says the level of risk associated with a particular chemical facility has to do with the quantity of chemicals being handled, how dangerous they are, and the proximity of the facility to population centers. "They estimate how far a major accident could reach outside of their facility," says Moulton. "Then, that becomes the radius of a circular zone around the facility, and everyone inside that zone is potentially at risk."

According to the report, nearly 295,000 children are in danger zones in Kentucky for chemical leaks, gas clouds, or explosions. Kentucky is one of four states that have the most high-risk counties, along with Texas, Louisiana and Virginia. The report recommends greater oversight of these facilities, including a requirement they switch to safer alternatives whenever feasible. Moulton's group conducted a similar study earlier this year, drawing a one-mile buffer around each facility, that found low-income kids were most at risk. However, he says the new methodology paints a broader picture. "Many of these vulnerability zones are much larger than a mile," Moulton says. "Some of them are 20, 25 miles large. These zones are so big they really do cover all types of communities."

The five Kentucky counties where students are most at risk, according to the report, are Boyd, Greenup, Henderson, Marshall and McCracken with 100 percent of children there in "vulnerability zones." Moulton encourages parents and community members to be aware of any nearby facilities, and to make sure schools have emergency plans in place in the event of a disaster. "We have to insist they use the safest feasible technologies and chemicals, that they store the smallest amounts of chemicals as possible, especially when they're in these high-population areas," Moulton says. "Then, they can go directly to the facility and ask them why they're not being safer." The full report, "Kids in Danger Zones," with an interactive map of high-risk chemical facilities, is on the Center for Effective Government website.

Virtual Learning Allowed in some Kentucky School Districts.

When the snow flies this winter, students in 13 Kentucky school districts will be able to continue learning even when they aren’t at school. The Kentucky Department of Education has approved waivers that will allow the 13 school districts use of virtual or other non-traditional means of instruction when school is canceled because of bad weather or other emergencies. In most cases, students will participate in the snow day lessons online. Under the provisions of the waiver, a district may count up to 10 non-traditional instruction days as regular attendance days in its school calendar and not have to make them up. The 13 school districts that received non-traditional instruction waivers for the 2014-2015 school year had to submit applications that described their plans for learning while school was not in session.

The applications were scored on a rubric that evaluated teaching methods, equal access to the lessons for students without Internet access, staff deployment, community engagement and assessment of student learning. The school districts available for this virtual learning are: Boyle, Grant, Jessamine, Johnson, Lawrence, Leslie, Owsley, Pike, Taylor, Todd, Washington and Wolfe counties and Corbin Independent. According to Johnson Co. School Superintendent Tom Salyer, he says “this is an opportunity for our school system to offer students the opportunity not to get to far behind on their studies when bad weather forces us to cancel classes”. He went on to say that “students who don't have Internet at home would be given hard copies of the work to be completed.” Johnson Co. missed 23 days of critical instruction during the 2013/2014 school year due to “bad” weather. Mr. Salyer said that a letter will be going out to all parents in the school district in the coming weeks that will explain this things in further detail.

Local News 10-14-2014


Minutes from the Johnson County Fiscal Court Meeting 10-13-14

The Johnson Co. Fiscal Ct. met in regular session Monday, October 12 @ 4:30 pm in the meeting room of the Johnson Co. Courthouse in downtown Paintsville. The meeting began in normal fashion with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the approval of the minutes from the previous regular meeting on September 8, 2014 and a special called meeting of September 23, 2014 and the approval to pay the monthly bills as presented.

First actual agenda item was to open bids on Drilled Steel and Cribbing to be used around the county to help secure hillsides or banks that had mudslides or were damaged from all the recent flooding. The court received two bids: 1) Hinkle Environmental Services with a bid of $20.50 per linear foot on the steel and $7.50 per squared foot on the cribbing. 2) NATTCO with a bid of $22.00 for the steel and $7.50 for the cribbing. The court decided to tentatively approve the lowest bid (#1) pending the approval from the county road foreman. Both bids were lower than any previous times the county has had to bid for steel and cribbing.

Next the court opened bids for a Mobile Morque Trailer. The money for the trailer comes from a Homeland Security Grant in the amount of $40,000. The Mobile Morgue Trailer would be used in the case of a catastrophic event and is a joint effort with Johnson Co., Martin Co. and Magoffin Co. Paul B. Hall Medical Center has agreed to store this trailer until it would ever have to be used in an emergency. The court received two bids 1) Worldwide Disaster Response Group with a bid of $38,717.71 and the 2) Hazmat Medical in the amount of $39,009. Regina McClure and Emergency Mgmt Director Gary McClure will get with the other counties to review each bid to see if they meet all the specifications wanted and if so a Special meeting will be called to approve the bid. The court has until the end of this month to approve a company and purchase the trailer.

Next, Judge Daniel read a letter from county road foreman Sam Auxier about a road adoption/extention in the county. The road is located at Homeland Estates Lane (CR 1416) located off SR 581 @ Tutor Key and will extended a distance of 335 ft. The new distance in maintenance will be 0.398 miles or 2,097 feet. The developer of the property will pay for the blacktopping. The court approved this extension. Next the court heard from Eric Ratliff with Paintsville Utilities as he gave an update on the current water lines extension project in the county and said that they have completed 10/11 projects and near completion of the final extension. He also told the court about a possible grant for a sewer project in the Van Lear area at the old landfill which has been closed. The state has a new program that allows for counties to build such systems.

Next Judge Daniel gave an update on blacktopping projects in the county and said they are almost finished and already paid for with Flex money, grant money and county money. Next the court heard from Gary McClure on the approval to renew with the state the affiliation agreement with W.R. Castle Fire and Rescue, Rockhouse Fire and Rescue and the Johnson County Rescue Squad. This is an annual agreement. Gary McClure also told the court that the county has been awarded $16,600 from Homeland Security for extrication equipment. They are just awaiting on the final contract to sign for the money. Finally the court approved Trick-or-Treat times in the county. It will be on Thursday, October 30th 6 – 8 PM.

During final comments, (1) Judge Daniel asked the court to re-appoint Frank Heberlin to the Johnson Co. Library Board, which was approved. (2) He also told the court they are awaiting final confirmation from an area bank on the property to purchase for the new animal shelter for Johnson Co. and (3) Judge Daniel told the court and those present that he wanted to “clear the air” about recent claims against the fiscal court from current Sheriff Dwayne Price about the court “cutting” the Sheriff’s budget. Judge Daniel sternly said that the court never cut the sheriff's budget and said state law would not allow for them to cut the sheriff's budget. According to Judge Daniel,, he stated that the county has given the sheriff’s dept. over $1 million during the sheriff's 4 years in office. Judge Daniel said he didn't think that sounded like "cutting the budget". He went on to say that he approached Sheriff Price about these latest claims and Judge Daniel said he offered the sheriff the chance to discuss the last few years of the sheriff's and county budget in any kind of public forum of his choosing, he would be willing to do so to again "clear the air".  With nothing further to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Sheldon Clark H.S. Locked Down for 2nd Time after Bullet Found in Bathroom

Sheldon Clark H.S. in Martin County was put on lockdown around 9 am Monday morning after a bullet was found in a boy’s bathroom. This marks the second time an incident like this has happened at the school in the past month. On Sept. 19, the school was put on lockdown after a bullet was found in a boy's bathroom. According to reports, a 9mm cartridge was intentionally placed to initiate a lockdown. Kentucky State Police were called to the school and discovered it was not a live round, but part of a decorative keychain. School officials say the student involved has been identified. It's not clear what disciplinary action was taken in that incident. Police were at the school Monday and are continuing to investigate this incident. The lockdown was lifted about 9:51 a.m.

Former Martin Mayor’s Sentencing Delayed Again

The sentencing of former Martin (Floyd Co) Mayor Ruth Thomasine Robinson, her husband and her daughter has once again been delayed, this time because of a scheduling problem. Robinson and James “Red” Robinson were originally scheduled to appear last week in U.S. District Court to be sentenced for their part in a vote-buying case related to the former mayor’s unsuccessful 2012 re-election bid. Former Mayor Robinson and her daughter, former Martin Community Center director Rita Whicker, were also due to be scheduled in a separate disability fraud case. Sentencing had to be moved because U.S. District Judge Amul Thapar, who presided over both cases, was scheduled to be in another trial elsewhere last week. The new sentencing date has now been set for Wednesday, Nov. 5.

The Robinsons were each found guilty of one count of civil rights conspiracy and one count of vote-buying. They were originally among six people charged in the vote-buying case, when the indictment was handed down in December. “Red” Robinson’s son, James Steven Robinson, was also found guilty of conspiracy and two counts of vote-buying. He was sentenced last month to 31 months in prison. He has announced his intention to appeal that conviction. Charges against another defendant, Ginger Michelle Halbert Stumbo, were dropped as part of a plea deal in the disability fraud case, while another defendant, Johnny T. Moore, was found not guilty at trial. Former city employee Henry Mullins, who pleaded guilty to one count of vote-buying shortly before the trial in an agreement worked out with prosecutors, was sentenced to probation.

In the disability fraud case, Robinson and Whicker were each found guilty of conspiracy, five counts of federal program fraud, theft of Social Security disability benefits and aggravated identity theft for their part in a plot to hire Stumbo to work for the city of Martin, but to issue her a paycheck in her son’s name, so that Stumbo could continue drawing disability benefits. Stumbo worked for the city for five years, purportedly as a volunteer, before the scheme was discovered. Charges against a fourth defendant in the disability fraud case, Martin bookkeeper Ethel Lee Clouse, were dropped at trial, after no testimony implicated her in the conspiracy.

No More Green Slips for Kentucky Lawmakers

Officials in Frankfort are working on a modernized system of getting messages to lawmakers during the General Assembly. In the past, legislative staffers would take "green slips," containing phone messages from constituents to lawmakers during the legislative session. Marcia Seiler, interim director of the Legislative Research Commission, told the Lexington Herald-Leader that she hopes a new system will be in place by the Jan. 6 start of the 2015 legislative session. She says the system will relay messages electronically, and lawmakers will be able to retrieve their messages and handle them like email. She says there won't be any more green slips unless lawmakers ask for messages to be printed.

Pre-Registration for Heating Assistance begins this week

The Big Sandy Area Community Action Program is preparing to serve more people this year by offering preregistration for some LIHEAP applicants. The applications process for those who qualify for pre-registration will be the same as normal applicants. Pre-registration is set to begin October 15th. The agency helped heat about 15,000 households last year in Pike, Floyd, Johnson, Martin, and Magoffin counties and officials expect an increase this year. Pre-registration will run through October 31st. The statewide LIHEAP subsidy program begins November 3rd. Applicants must apply in their county of residence. Applications will be taken at the following BSACAP service offices from 8 a.m. to 4:30pm.

Floyd County

60 Court Street
Allen, Ky

Johnson County

230 Court Street
Paintsville, Ky.

Magoffin County

131 S. Church Street
Salyersville, Ky.

Martin County

387 E. Main Street
Inez, Ky.

Pike County

478 Town Mountain Road
Pikeville, Ky.

Trick or Treat Dates Set

The dates and times for Trick-Or-Treat for Johnson County/Paintsville has been announced;

Johnson County/Paintsville              10/30/2014 @ 6pm-8pm


Local News 10-13-2014

Perry County Man Facing Child Abuse Charges

A Perry County man is facing child abuse charges, after a one month old was taken to UK Hospital with several broken bones. Police report they arrested Henry Clemons in September after they say he actually placed a call to 911 in August, reporting a baby was having trouble breathing. Following a police investigation, officials said Clemons admitted he abused the child. Clemons was originally with criminal abuse, but a judge has amended those charges to three counts of assault. Clemons has pleaded not guilty and will be back in court December 2nd.

Three People, including a Hazard Doctor, Indicted in Federal Drug Case

A Hazard doctor and staff members at the Ace Clinique of Medicine in Hazard have been indicted in a federal drug case. According to reports, prosecutors claim Doctor James "Ace" Chaney, his wife Lesa and Physicians Assistant Gregory Hoskins worked together from June 2006 to September 2013 to distribute and unlawfully dispense drugs. If convicted, they will have to forfeit money, property, numerous cars and an airplane and could face up to 50 years in prison. All three have pleaded not guilty. A trial date is set in London for December 9th.

KSP Arrest Boyd Co. Man after Spotting Marijuana from Air

Kentucky State Police made a marijuana arrest after using a helicopter to spot plants. KSP says they saw a number of plants growing at a Jacks Forks home in Rush, Kentucky. When they went to the home, they found $123,000 worth of marijuana, in plant form and processed. Norman W. Vanderpool, 47, of Rush, was arrested and charged with cultivating and trafficking marijuana. He is being held in the Boyd County Detention Center.   

Ashland Chiropractor Pleads Not Guilty to Child Porn Charges

According to WSAZ news, an Ashland chiropractor was arraigned Friday on child pornography charges. Officials say James Coursey, 43, of Ashland, was arrested in September after police received information that he had child pornography on his home computer. He was recently indicted on 10 counts of possession of child pornography, one count of tampering with evidence, and one count of distribution of matter portraying sexual performance by a minor. Investigators say when Coursey was arrested, he tried to delete files from his computer. Coursey pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday and will be back in court on December 12.

Dawkins Trail Rescue Training held on Sunday

Emergency crews from both Magoffin and Johnson Counties met on the Dawkins Line Rail Trail Sunday for emergency training exercises. During the day, crews were put into emergency situations that could be possible on the new trail trail that runs through both counties. According to Paintsville/Johnson County Emergency Management Director Gary McClure, these emergency simulations are very important to understand and to deal with different scenarios that could be possible on the trail. “This training allows us to understand the terrain and this location and have to use ATVs for access to transport patients," says McClure. McClure said he was pleased with the way teams from both Magoffin and Johnson Counties were able to work together and he hopes they never have to put this training to actual use.

Safety Behind the Wheel for Seniors

While many Kentuckians think of driver's ed as something just for teenagers, experts say a refresher course makes good safety and financial sense, even for those who have had their driver's licenses for several decades. AARP Kentucky's Driver Safety Program coordinator, Leon Morrow, says driving a car today isn't the same as it was when many older Kentuckians first got behind the wheel. "The roads have changed, the cars have changed, the laws have changed and most importantly, the senior citizen himself has changed. My eyesight is not what it used to be, my hearing is not what it used to be, and critically, the reaction time is way off." In honor of "Drive Safely Work Week," AARP Kentucky is offering members and non-members alike a 30-percent discount on its online Driver Safety course. Morrow says to check with your insurance agent to see if they honor the online course. Mary Tillman, state coordinator, AARP Missouri Driver Safety Program, says brushing up on driving skills is first and foremost about saving lives by preventing accidents. But she says it can also save drivers money. "We have found in a lot of cases, your personal insurance agent may be willing to give you a discount because you have taken a defensive-driving course," Tillman says. Since it first launched in 1979, 13 million drivers age 50 and older have completed the AARP Driver Safety program. Details and registration are at www.aarpdriversafety.org

Martin Co. Firefighters Recognized at Weekend Event

On Monday, September 29 members of the Warfield VFD were responding to a house fire on Blackburn Cemetery Rd. in the Pigeon Roost community of Martin Co., but the fire truck firefighters were riding in, fell into a creek. The fire truck was attempting to cross a wooden bridge, when the bridge gave way on one side, causing the fire truck to flip on its side and into a creek. The firefighters who were about to risk their lives to help someone else, suddenly needed help of their own, as the cab of the truck started to fill with water quickly.

If it weren’t for the bravery of three men, Sheriff's Deputy Cory Cook, Firefighter Chase Kirk, and civilian Ethan Delong, the fire truck might not had been the only thing lossed that day. Cook, Kirk and DeLong each helped rescue the two injured and trapped fire fighters, pulling them out of the flooded cab and to safety. On Saturday, everyone involved was recognized in front of an audience at the Martin County Harvest Festival for their heroism, bravery and courage that day to help their fellow man.

Pre-Registration for Heating Assistance begins this week

The Big Sandy Area Community Action Program is preparing to serve more people this year by offering preregistration for some LIHEAP applicants. The applications process for those who qualify for pre-registration will be the same as normal applicants. Pre-registration is set to begin October 15th. The agency helped heat about 15,000 households last year in Pike, Floyd, Johnson, Martin, and Magoffin counties and officials expect an increase this year. Pre-registration will run through October 31st. The statewide LIHEAP subsidy program begins November 3rd. Applicants must apply in their county of residence. Applications will be taken at the following BSACAP service offices from 8 a.m. to 4:30pm.

Floyd County

60 Court Street
Allen, Ky

Johnson County

230 Court Street
Paintsville, Ky.

Magoffin County

131 S. Church Street
Salyersville, Ky.

Martin County

387 E. Main Street
Inez, Ky.

Pike County

478 Town Mountain Road
Pikeville, Ky.

Local News 10-10-2014



Floyd County Man Charged with Drug Possession in Magoffin County

A Floyd Co. man is facing drug charges in Magoffin Co., after officials in that county received complaints on the man. The Magoffin Co. Sheriff’s Dept. arrested 50 year old Robert Burchett Thursday after they were told a man was possibly violating a domestic violence order. Upon locating Burchett, deputies say he admitted to them that he had marijuana and pills in his pocket. They also found a pipe and grinder on Burchett. He now faces several drug possession charges. He was taken to the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.

Virginia Man Sentenced in a Kentucky Cockfighting Case

A Wise County, VA man is joining his father in prison for participating in a major cockfighting enterprise in Kentucky. A federal judge in Abingdon, VA on Wednesday, sentenced Jonathan Robinson to one year and one day in prison. Robinson's father, Wesley Robinson, was sentenced last month to six months in prison, both had previously pleaded guilty to charges including possessing an animal for use in an illegal fighting venture. An eastern Kentucky, also couple convicted in the case, is also scheduled to be sentenced this week in Abingdon, VA. Walter Stumbo of Floyd County, Kentucky, pleaded guilty in July and his wife, Sonya Stumbo, was convicted by a jury in August. Their son, Joshua Stumbo, has also pleaded guilty in the case. Authorities say the cockfighting enterprise in the McDowell community of Floyd Co., featured arena-style seating, multiple fighting pits and a restaurant.

Man Arrested on Florida Drug Charge

A man wanted by federal authorities in Florida on several drug related charges, has been arrested here in Kentucky. According to the Floyd Co. Times, Michael Sanders was arrested last Thursday, Oct. 2 in Eastern Ky. He was wanted in the Southern District of Florida, after being indicted Sept. 25 on a single count of attempting to possess a controlled substance. The indictment says that back in January 2012, Sanders attempted to possess an undisclosed a quanity of oxycodone in Florida. Sanders appeared Thursday, before Magistrate Judge Edward B. Atkins, in U.S. District Court in Pikeville, to answer the charge against him. Atkins ordered Sanders to be released, on the condition that he appears in U.S. District Court, in Fort Lauderdale, Oct. 20. All further action on the case will take place in Florida.

Pike Officials Sue State over Coal Severance Tax Process

Officials in Pike County have filed suit against state officials over a new process it must go through to receive coal severance tax proceeds. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the lawsuit filed by Pike County Fiscal Court in Frankfort on Oct. 1 says the change was included in the budget bill approved by lawmakers during the 2014 session. The lawsuit says the change is unconstitutional because it affects only one county. Pike officials say the change will "severely hamper" the county. Democratic State Sen. Ray Jones of Pikeville said one reason for the change was that Pike County asked for $11 million in coal severance proceeds and had only about $4 million to spend. He said lawmakers wanted to make sure money approved would be used for "viable projects."

NWS Confirms Tornado in Pike Co.

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down in Pike County on Tuesday. The NWS says an EF1 tornado with speeds around 90 mph hit the Buffalo Creek Road area of Pike County. The NWS also confirms that six other tornadoes touched down across the state during Tuesday’s severe weather. Those counties are Bourbon, Bath, Scott, Harrison and Owen.

City Fire Dept. Receives Revised Classification for Insurance Services

The following is a news release from the City of Paintsville, officials are pleased to announce that on Friday, October 3, 2014 the Paintsville Fire Dept. received notification from the insurance Services Office (ISO) of a revised classification for the City of Paintsville.

Earlier in the year, ISO completed an analysis of the structural fire suppression delivery system within the City. ISO's Public Protection Classification Program (PPC) plays an important role in the underwriting process of insurance companies. In fact, most U.S. insurers use PPC information as part of their decision making when deciding what business to write, coverages to offer or rates to charge for personal or commercial property insurance.

Communities whose PPC improves may get lower insurance rates. We are pleased to announce that Paintsville improved to a 3/3y Public Protection Classification under the new system. Previously, Paintsville had maintained to 4 classification for many years. The 3/3y classification places the Paintsville Fire Department among a small group of elite fire departments in the State of Kentucky. The new fire rating will take effect in January 2015.

Dawkins Rail Trail Exercise

Paintsville/Johnson Emergency Management, Magoffin County Emergency Management, and Kentucky State Fire/Rescue Training Region 11 will be conducting a First Responder Training Exercise on the Dawkins Trail on Sunday October 12th beginning at 8:00 a.m. The trail will be closed to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Swamp Branch to Royalton during the exercise.


Local News 10-8-2014

Paintsville Woman Arrested on Several Charges, Including Child Neglect

According to information obtained through the Paintsville Police Dept. On Tuesday, October 6, 2014 a call came into the Police Dept. around 9 AM from Dept. of Social Services (AKA. D.S.S.), concerning an 18 month old male child found walking on Main Street near the Paintsville Utilities building. Patrolman P.D. Witten and Assistant Chief Mike Roe responded to the call and located the child and upon further investigation, found the front door of the apartment wide open and the child’s mother sleeping in her bed. Officer Witten stated that he began to question the woman and she said she did not know the child was gone. In the Police report, officers found in plain sight, two (2) plates/dishes with straws and a white powdery substance on them. Further investigation led Police to locate two (2) white pills in her wallet. Officer Witten said that the subject, Stacy Marie Cottle, 26 of Paintsville was slow to respond to officers questions and stated that she only drinks alcohol after work. Officers located alcohol in the kitchen. Cottle was arrested and charged with the following.

Endangering the Welfare of a Minor
Possession of a Controlled Substance 2nd, 1st Offense
Prescription Controlled Substance not in proper container
Public Intoxication

She was taken to and lodged in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center. Patrolman P.D. Witten and Asst. Chief Mike Rowe are continuing to investigate this incident.

Boyd County HS Student Hit and Killed Monday Night

A student at Boyd County High School was killed Monday evening on Rt 60 in the Summit community of Boyd Co. According to the Boyd Co. Sheriff’s Office, Victory Bryant 18, of Ashland, was walking across the eastbound lanes of U.S. Route 60 when she was hit by two vehicles. The accident happened about 8 p.m. Investigators says weather played a factor in the incident, with rain reducing visibility at the time. Drugs and/or alcohol are not believed to be a factor in this fatal accident. Bryant was a senior at Boyd Co. High School and counselors are available for students. The Boyd Co. Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate this accident.

Man Charged with Murder in Knott Co. Pleads Not Guilty

The Floyd Co. man Police say is responsible for the shooting death of another Floyd Co. man pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday morning. The shooting took place just after midnight on Sunday (10-5-2014) at a crowded campground in Knott County. According to the KSP in Hazard, Zachary Murphy, 19, of Langley and Miles Hamilton, 21, of Wayland allegedly got into a fight/argument at the Knott County Trail Ride just after midnight Sunday, October 5, 2014. Investigators said Hamilton shot Murphy once with a handgun and Murphy was pronounced deceased at the scene. Officials said Hamilton took off after the shooting, but he returned several hours later and turned himself in to authorities. Hamilton has been charged with murder and is being held in the Kentucky River Regional Jail. Knott County officials said that more than 3,000 campers were at the trail ride for a concert at the time of the shooting. The KSP are continuing to investigate this incident.

Powell County Fatal Crash Likely Caused By Medical Emergency

Officials in Powell Co. have identified the victim that died in a single vehicle accident on Monday. According to the KSP, John C. Lane, 60, of Lee County died in the crash, but they say the accident most likely occurred because of a medical emergency. The accident happened around 5:00 p.m. Monday on Natural Bridge Road in Powell County. Police say Lane was very slowly driving his red GMC truck near Middle Fork Campground when he hit the guardrail then drove partially up the side of the hill, according to witnesses. Two witnesses, who were members of the Air Force, attempted to render aid to Lane, but they were unable to save him. KSP say they are continuing to investigate.

Kentucky Homeland Security Projects Draw Funding

Federal grants totaling more than $2.8 million have been announced for Kentucky Homeland Security Programs projects. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security funds will be used for training programs, citizen preparedness and awareness initiatives, and essential communication, critical infrastructure and first-responder equipment. Gov. Steve Beshear said in a news release the grants will help first responders do their work and keep the state prepared. The funds will be used for 103 projects across Kentucky.

The approved grants for our surrounding area are:

Johnson Co – $16,600 for Search & Rescue
Paintsville – $8,000 for Detection
Floyd Co (Big Sandy ADD) – $4,200 for Search & Rescue
Wheelwright – $12,000 for PPE
Magoffin Co – $24,000 for Siren
Pike Co – $40,000 for Search & Rescue
Boyd Co – $54,000 for 911
West Liberty – $49,000 for Siren
Martin Co – $30,000 for PPE

UNITE Announces Anti-Drug Clubs of the Year

Fourteen anti-drug UNITE Clubs in schools across the Fifth Congressional District have been named “Clubs of the Year” for their outstanding efforts and accomplishments during the 2013-14 school year. UNITE Clubs receiving recognition are:

Region 1:

Mt. Vernon Elementary           Rockcastle County
Rockcastle County Middle       Rockcastle County
Rockcastle County High           Rockcastle County

Region 2:

Highland-Turner Elementary         Breathitt County
Dorton Middle (tie)                           Pike County
Whitesburg Middle (tie)                Letcher County
Belfry High                                    Pike County

Region 3:

Highlands Elementary (tie)           Johnson County
Meade Memorial Elementary (tie) Johnson County
James D. Adams Middle               Floyd County
Magoffin County High                      Magoffin County

Region 4:

Red River Elementary           Wolfe County
South Laurel Middle           Laurel County
Wolfe County High          Wolfe County

In addition to a trophy, each of these clubs will be allocated $750 from the UNITE Foundation to fund anti-drug activities during the current school term. Last school year there were 105 registered UNITE Clubs in 26 counties with a total of 8,639 student members – the second highest number of students since clubs were first established during the 2005-06 school year. To qualify for Club of the Year honors, students submitted scrapbooks showcasing their monthly activities, service projects and mentoring activities. Scrapbooks were judged in elementary, middle and high school categories to determine regional winners. Participation in a UNITE Club increases a student’s protective factors, such as providing positive role models for other students, building self-esteem, engaging in healthy lifestyles, striving for high student achievement, and creating positive relationships.