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Meet Andy Jude



Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to you because I would like to introduce myself. My name is Andy Jude and I am running for Martin County Judge Executive. I decided to seek this office because I have realized our county has come to a critical crossroad. It is time for us to decide as a community what we want to become, where we want to go, and how we want to get there.

I am the son of Virgie Jude Fletcher and the late James Henry Jude. My wife of 42 years, Bertha Jude, and I have 4 daughters. Jennifer (Robert) Crum, Hazel (Denver) Goble, Leigh Ann (Adam) Crum, and Dovie Jean (Mark) Jude. We have 8 grandchildren: Shania, Wesley, Linzie, Bradley, and Connor Goble and Kealeigh, Kaylee, and Eli Jude. Bertha’s parents are the Late Preacher Joe Fletcher and the late Hazel Maynard Fletcher.

Never has it been more important to elect a new county judge who will represent your voice; someone who will act only in the best interest of the county and its bright future. I believe I am capable of meeting that challenge and I look forward to the work ahead.

If you elect me as your next county judge I will work with all county officials to improve our county. My vision for our county is to ensure safe drinking water for our residents and to provide quality jobs to our young people. Our children are our #1 asset.  Our county will be available and encourage new businesses to relocate to our community, to offer employment to our citizens. I would like to see industry, agricultural, and other jobs. Tourism activities would be another way for our county to grow. I will also work to improve our parks so our children will be safe. I will also work with the Martin County Senior Citizens Center to provide funding so more of our seniors can have a warm nutritious meal.

I would like to be your voice as Martin County Judge Executive. I would like to count on your voice and your vote Tuesday, May 22,2018 to help get me there. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. #1 republican on the ballot #1 for the job!!!

     I look forward to seeing our county prosper and grow in the next 4 years. God will Bless this county if we believe. Thank You for your time, I appreciate your Vote!